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Remove canva watermark for free

If you are a Canva Free user, you will see watermarks on your design if you use pro or paid elements. You can publish your designs as-is, but here are some methods for removing the watermarks:

1. Download your design to buy all of the Pro elements you used.

2. To purchase an element, click the Remove watermarks button.

This was the paid method in which you have to spend money to remove canva watermark.


But you can also do it for free but it has some limitations as you can use only paid elements for free by this method and you can't change color of  elements like in canva.

You just have to download the paid watermarked elements on your pc and reupload them to use without watermark.

But how?

How will you remove canva watermark by downloading them and how will you download them?

1. You just have to pick that paid watermarked element

2.  Open inspect element on your pc or laptop

3.Go to network tab and refresh the page a

4. Then search for your element in loaded files and download it.




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